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Country Report Spain


Driven by the economic recovery of Spain direct investments by foreign entrepreneurs are returning to rise increasingly. Compared to the previous year, investments with 8.5 billion euros have increased by 73% in the first half of 2015. Facing the major EU countries Spain has the fifth-largest economy with the most rapid growth. 


Amongst others Spain shows numerous opportunities for German entrepreneurs who take the next step and go to use Europe properly. The country provides great opportunities for companies growth. More than 13,000 foreign companies registered in Spain. 70 of "Forbes Top 100" companies have their own offices in the country. 


Spain offers entrepreneurs, inter alia, less stringent requirements for corporate and liability capital, a liberal deductibility of business expenses and opportunities to increase the company's investment capital.  


Foreign investors are offered a wide range of funding instruments. These are divided into regional, national and EU policies and consist of subsidies, such as financial grants, loans and tax incentives. For selected industries, among others such as research and development, even special promotions apply.


The tax burden in Spain is below the average of the OECD countries. It also exists a very comprehensive system of tax incentives. Special economic zones complete the attractiveness for foreign direct investments. 


The Spanish labor market is an employer market. Due to the high unemployment rate combined with a qualified education level a high number of skilled labor force is available. The low wage level below the EU average is a further argument for an additional incentive to labor procurement. The legal minimum wage in Spain is only 21.84 Euro per day. 


The location Spain offers also great solutions for individual problems. Here are just two examples:


Example 1:

The succession of family business in Germany can fail due to the master certificate requirement for the owner. Even if the successor to the previous owner of the company does have the necessary know-how but no master certificate. This is no more an obstacle with the choice of a Spanish legal form.


Example 2: 

Anyone who would dare an immediately restart after bankruptcy and/or commercial ban, has limited options in Germany. This is no longer a problem with the choice of a Spanish legal form. Of course you can take action with the Spanish legal form in Germany as well. 


The European union offers a variety of opportunities for the individual business expansion. 



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